Contributing to ToT

To have a story read:

Send your story to mail *att* magnus-sinding *dott* com. Ideally, it would be a one-off or a serial, and each “chapter” would be around 500-2000 words long.

Some considerations:

  • Proof-read it! I have to assume what’s on the page is what you want me to say.
  • Include your full name or pseudonym along with a website link if you have one. (If people generally have difficulty pronouncing your name correctly, let me know how to pronounce it. I want to get your name right.)
  • If you have specific ideas on tone or style of reading, let me know. Also, if it’s not explicitly stated but important, let me know the genders of the characters and where they’re from.

Once your story has been submitted, I will do my best to remember to confirm that I’ve received it. If it is chosen to be read, I will let you know a little later.

I should say that I won’t be choosing based on what’s the BEST story, as that is way too subjective a marker. I choose what stories to read based on what I think will sound good coming out of my noise-hole and – sometimes – what will be an interesting challenge for myself to read. Often, a story just really speaks to me and makes me want to read it out loud.

So if you don’t get your story read, it’s not because I think it’s BAD, just that I didn’t feel right reading it aloud.

If you want to be a reader:

This site is not just a chance for authors to gain an audience, but also for voice actors to gain experience and audience. If you want to be part of the reading team (Usually, there is no “I” in “Team” but for now, there is only I in this particular one) please follow these steps:

Send an e-mail to mail *att* magnus-sinding *dott* com including a sample file of yourself reading a short piece (1-3 minutes). This is to gauge both your acting and your equipment, so it has to be recorded using equipment you’ll have at least weekly access to, preferably equipment you own yourself. I don’t expect full, professional studio quality, but I want to avoid the ten-quid headset mic. I use a Røde NT3 with a pop filter and a cupboard lined with sound isolating foam.

Let me also know how long you hope to be able to do readings for. I don’t expect anyone to say “for all eternity”, so be realistic and give me an idea of how long. A month? Two months? A year? If you are only available for a short time, we could arrange a “guest reader” situation.

Once I get and read your e-mail, I will confirm that I have received it and that the file works, and then I will get back to you once I have made a decision.