Telling of Tales on Facebook

Finally, I’ve gotten around to creating a Facebook page for Telling of Tales. On the page, I will interact with my listeners and update on new posts and extras that appear here on the site. “Like” and the page to stay updated and involved and share it with your friends.

Telling of Tales on SoundCloud and MiroGuide

Telling of Tales now has a SoundCloud Profile, so for those who prefer not to go through iTunes, direct through the RSS feed or through this site now have that option as well! Also, if you use Miro, you can add it to that.

Now there is literally no practical reason why you shouldn’t be able to listen to the show, unless you don’t have access the Internet. In which case, how are you reading this?!

Belated episodes

Yeah, I know. I’m late.
Two more episodes coming very quickly, and then we will be caught up and we will hope that something like this never happens again, eh? See you soon!

– Magnus

Words of the week!

I’ve decided that I can’t just sit down and say “YOU’RE NOT SUBMITTING ENOUGH, WAH-WAH!” without doing something myself. Clever, innit?

Ginja (Will Ellwood) suggested linking ToT with his 600 Words project (where you give him a single-sentence pitch and he writes a 600-word (approx.) story based on that) to give people the inspiration to write. That’s when I remembered the video workshops we used to do where I worked back in the day. We would pull three words out of a hat and use those as inspiration for a one-minute short. The results are very diverse and fun, and I thought I could introduce an option for listeners to use three words as inspiration for a story to send in. If they would so wish, of course. I’m not turning the whole podcast into a workshop-only podcast, but it could be another way for people to get cracking on submitting something.

SO! Without further ado, the words!


(these are randomly chosen through the help of Random Word Generator Plus.)

Now available to iTunes + a warning

Hooray! You can now find Telling of Tales on iTunes! Click the link and subscribe to make sure you get all the episodes to your iPod right away!

Also, I have so far not received more than one piece for next week’s episode. If I receive no more by sunday morning (in Britain), I’ll have to start reading from The Eye of Argon.

You have been warned…


As you read this (if you are reading this, which obviously you are… So if you are reading this before the next post is added!) I am recording and/ or editing the first episode of this new podcast, in which I read the stories of talented and undeservedly unknown writers so the rest of the world can enjoy them.

This podcast is conceived to be a way of connecting writers with a new audience through the medium of audiobook-readings. If you wish to have your stories read on the podcast, send me  an e-mail on tales-att-magnulus-dott-com with your story, which should ideally be between 500 and 800 words long. I cannot promise you I will read your story on the podcast, but I can promise you every submitted story will be read and given due consideration.

I am also hoping to expand the roster of readers beyond myself, so if you wish to lend your voice to the podcast, send an e-mail to tales-att-magnulus-dott-com with a short (1-3 minutes) sample track of yourself reading something. Please note that part of the point of this sample is to assess the quality of your audio equipment, so please use something you have at home or at least will have regular access to as you would be expected to use it for the podcast.