What is Telling of Tales?

What happens here is that once a week, I – Magnus Sinding (Hølvold) – give short fiction and serials the audiobook treatment in a regular podcast. The pieces are anything from work I’ve seen and liked online* to classic short fiction in the public domain, though my main focus is on exciting and relatively unknown talent.

Telling of Tales came about for two reasons:

1: There’s a lot of great short fiction out there on the interwebnets, and not enough people who get to read it. On the other hand, podcasts and audiobooks are very popular and there’s a potential to bring audiences and writers together in a new way with a format like this.

2: Very selfishly; I’m an actor, and a podcast like this gives me a great opportunity to develop my craft and gain an experience I wouldn’t otherwise if I just waited around for someone to hire me. It also keeps me sane when work is thin on the ground.

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