Words of the week!

I’ve decided that I can’t just sit down and say “YOU’RE NOT SUBMITTING ENOUGH, WAH-WAH!” without doing something myself. Clever, innit?

Ginja (Will Ellwood) suggested linking ToT with his 600 Words project (where you give him a single-sentence pitch and he writes a 600-word (approx.) story based on that) to give people the inspiration to write. That’s when I remembered the video workshops we used to do where I worked back in the day. We would pull three words out of a hat and use those as inspiration for a one-minute short. The results are very diverse and fun, and I thought I could introduce an option for listeners to use three words as inspiration for a story to send in. If they would so wish, of course. I’m not turning the whole podcast into a workshop-only podcast, but it could be another way for people to get cracking on submitting something.

SO! Without further ado, the words!


(these are randomly chosen through the help of Random Word Generator Plus.)

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