03: Teaching People to Fly – Will Ellwood

Written by: Will Ellwood
Read by: Magnus Hølvold
Music by: Candace Bilyk

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7 thoughts on “03: Teaching People to Fly – Will Ellwood

  1. I maybe should have asked this before sending in a submission, but do you want us to add suggestions of tone, tempo and so on into submissions? Or do you prefer to do that yourself? Might be good to know, I thought. =)

  2. Illogic: I’ll send you an e-mail, but here’s an answer that everyone can read:

    You can give me an indication of tone and tempo if you have any specific preference for it, but generally, the author’s the author and the reader’s the reader. Mostly, I will just read in the tempo/ style that feels natural to me, but if there is something very specific the author wants to be done, I’d like her/him to say so. Hope that helps. ^_^

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  4. Whoa! Thanks for using my music! Also, Magnus, you’re a good story reader – the voices are very nicely distinguished.

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